1. Adam! It was so great to meet you! I feel honored to have edited your work and have your Odes appearing in the upcoming edition of Watershed Review. I am so glad you are kicking ass in the poetry world while being a father, a “Swiss Army Knife” Professor (as Sarah Pape recalled) at a community college, and just a damn inspiring human being. Hmm, maybe we can have it all 😉 To make time to write is the damn crux of the profession, but also the passion and the necessity of who we are! It was an honor to see you, recognize you, and still have patience enough to wait for you to come to our table rather than run up to you while you were headed into the bathroom because I was so excited lol. To me, you were the coolest celebrity at AWP, and I don’t know how I managed it but I ran into just about everybody. Many, many well wishes of your success, and I will be touting you along with my other favorites, because as passionate as I am about my own writing, I love reading others and spreading the good word. You sir, are a damn fine talent!

    Natalie Windt,
    Poetry Editor
    Watershed Review CSU Chico


  2. Thanks so much, Natalie. I’m honored that you enjoy my poems. It was great meeting you too, and it was great chatting with you and the other editors of Watershed Review. You folks are doing great work!


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